(ARTICLE) Various Activities Using Octaland 4D+ Flashcards

Do you know that there are many fun activities you can do with Octaland 4D Flashcards ?

1.  Learn alphabets

When children start having interest in learning alphabet, these activities can be an excellent tool to introduce alphabets to them.

For beginner learner, you can show each alphabet and say it out loud to them. You can make use the person's or occupation's name to help, e.g. A is for Albert, B is for Builder ; however you need to keep in mind that in order to make the learning effective, show maximum 5 cards only for each session to keep them curious and look forward to the next learning session.

For intermediate learner, once they are familiar with some alphabets and starting to recognize them, you can show the alphabet cards and ask them what alphabet is this?

For advanced learner, when they have recognized all the alphabets and able to say them out loud, you can shuffle the cards and ask them to lay the alphabets cards accordingly and you can also ask what occupation starts with letter A or letter Z? 

2.  Let the children learn their name (you may need two decks of cards)

When the children reach the age of 3 years, they prefer to do everything independently and also have interest in self discovery. These activities can complement their learning stage by recognizing and spelling their own name

For beginner learner, you can help them to recognize their own name by arranging the alphabet cards accordingly and say them out loud, for example L-E-O-N

For intermediate learner, once they are familiar with their own name, you can shuffle the cards and ask them to arrange the alphabet cards and spell their own name

For advanced learner, you can expand the activity by asking them to spell each person's name, e.g. Jenny the jockey ( J-E-N-N-Y) or Tracy the teacher (T-R-A-C-Y)

3. Learn different occupations (playing guessing who am I)

There's no activity that more fun than games guessing who am I. These fun activities can be a great bonding between siblings or parents and children.

For beginner learner, you can ask the children what the zookeeper do and show it to them how the zookeeper does from the screen

For intermediate learner, when they are more familiar with the occupations, you can ask the children, e.g. what does the teacher do ? What's the name of your teacher ?

For advanced learner, you can expand it to games who am I, e.g. you can ask the older kids to copy the activity of builder and the rest of family members start guessing who am I

4. Let's have show and tell

Young children are full with imagination and creativity. With this Octaland 4D Cards, you can entice their minds and expand their imaginations by using it as show-and-tell tools

For beginner learner, start with one occupation that interests your children most, e.g. Fireman. Create a short story about what fireman do, you can use any props that you have at home like a tea candle to make it more real

For intermediate learner, you can expand to 2 or 3 occupations and create longer story, e.g. in the octaland kingdom, there's a wise King Kaz who wants to build school, he hires builders, engineer and quantity surveyor to build school for Him .....In the end you can ask some questions to your children about the story itself

For advanced learner, you can ask them to pick some of characters, pick some props and create their own story and have show-and-tell with the rest of family members as audience


Have fun playing with Octaland 4D+ Flashcards ! 


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