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Facts about cars not too many people may know.

Since a long time ago, cars have been playing important role in our daily lives. It has many more to offer other than just being ‘mere machines’ for us to exploit; Some people may put a great deal of passion and affection into them. The production and application of cars may very well vary into excitingly diverse industries ranging from kids’s toys to world championship raciong cars. From its appearance to its capability on the road, cars lure people to spend money and time collecting stuff in relation to cars or even reading random facts about cars. Therefore, here are several interesting facts about cars compiled for cars enthusiasts.

The world first car accident took place in Ohio City 1891
Among the names credited as the fathers of cars, not even Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, Karl Friedrich Benz, or any other figures could foresee that their creation could lead into fatal incident accident aside from its numerous benefits. It all started in 1891 when James Lambert took a ride on his creation alongside James Swoveland, a car which has been powered by gasoline, around Ohio City. Unfortunately, the ride ended up chrashing into a hitching post due to the car hitting a root of a tree. Both passengers survived and later were involved in automobile development which determine today’s model of cars. This accident is one among important events in a long record of cars development.


In 2016, an ambulance exploded at a hospital in Ireland harming two paramedics and claiming one life. As reported by express.co.uk, “faulty oxygen tanks” caused the terrible accident. Carrying medical tools which may include sensitive material is one of the factors behind the tragedy. We can learn that even life saving vehicle could also be harmful to us if it is not taken care of properly.


Did you know that coffee, aside from assisting students survive the semester, is able to charge the engine of a car? Yes, there’s a car who runs by ‘drinking’ a right amount of caffeine. The first car transformed into caffeine fueled automobile is called Car-puccino, a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco modified by BBC1 science programme Bang Goes The Theory. A couple years later, another coffee-fueled car followed with several advancement making it faster and more durable.


Aside from costing a fortune, one of the most popular kinds of car, F1 cars also demands other ‘prices’ from its drivers. Physical demand on riding an F1 car is no joke; the starting age of an F1 racer is under 10 years old on average. This indicates that to get into f1 career path requires long term compromise in order to prepare and maintain both physical an psychological adjustment. F1 drivers tend to lose weight about 3 to 5 kilograms due to enduring high G forces at incredibly high temperatures during race. This is caused by high performance of various parts of the car including the seat which makes the driver lose a high amount of water from their bodies. This condition could lead to psycho-physical abilities which is tested on a very tight amount of time to make any decision.

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