UV Protection Clothing

Children love the great outdoors. The outdoors is where all the BIG adventures of childhood are found. Whether it be biking, sailing, climbing, swinging or running - children love adventures but with those adventures comes more exposure to the harsh sun. It goes without saying that even though we all need the vitamin D from the sun we still need to keep-an-eye on the ever changing conditions of UV (ultraviolet) radiation and time exposure.

Over-exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburn, skin damage and increased risk of developing skin cancer. At Curiosity,  we still want children to have fun in the sun and clothing provides one of the most convenient forms of protection against UVR.

We are proud to introduce our clever UV Range, of Kids UV Protective Clothing which has been given an approval of between 40 - 50+ UPF rating. Review the Children Wear range for online yourself... because at Curiosity, we never want a child's adventure spirit dampened.

What does a UPF rating mean?

On a clear sunny day a person with fair skin and no protection can get enough UVR to surpass recommended limits of exposure causing sunburn in approximately 15 minutes. The exposure to UVR will be greatly reduced if the person covers their skin with clothing.

If the tags on clothing holds an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating this means the garments have been designed especially for protection from the sun. The UPF rating lets us know how much UV radiation will penetrate dry material that has not been stretched.

It is considered to be good protection from UV radiation if any material is rated above UPF 30, but 50+ is recommended. If a fabric does not hold a UPF rating, this does not automatically mean that the garment will offer less protection than a tested garment, but it is reassuring to have the rating system.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard for sun protective clothing (AS/NZS 4399) describes methods and labelling requirements for UPF rated clothing (see below).

It takes the average person only 15 minutes to burn at 12 noon on a summer's day.

Wearing a UPF40+ garment allows the same person to spend 40 times longer in the sun to suffer the same degree of burning that only takes 15 minutes. For example 15 mins x 40 equals an extra 600 minutes or 10 hours of fun in the sun!

UPF Classification according to the Australian / New Zealand Standard AS / NZS 4399:1996

UPF Rating   % UV Radiation Absorbed     Protection Category
    10                                 90.0                               Moderate
    15                                 93.3                                 Good
    20                                 95.0                                 Good
    30                                 96.7                              Very Good
    40                                 97.5                               Excellent
    50                                 98.0                               Excellent


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