(EVENT) Supermom Bazaar 2015 (28 - 30 Aug 2015)

This is our first event introducing Octagon 4D+ Flashcards to mass market

We were so overwhelmed by the response and interests of the visitors who visited our humble booth

Furthermore, we were so overjoyed when we saw the smile and WOW expression on the visitors' face when they witnessed how the animals and people come to life especially during feeding session where monkey eats banana

Both kids and adults enjoyed very much and had fun together

Thank you for those who have dropped by to our booth

Thank you so much for those who have bought our 4D+ Flashcards both animal 4D+ Flashcards and octaland 4D+ Flashcards and brought friends to come to buy and even some who purposely came to our booth in the last hour just to buy the cards again.

We were so touched for all the supports that we had during the event.

Last but not least, kudos to Supermom Bazaar Organizer and our booth partner Happie Diapers !

Stay tuned for our upcoming promotions and events !