(EVENT) Spacetastic Journey at Science Centre Part 1 (12-13 March 2016)

We are so excited partnering with Singapore Science Centre to spice up the visitors's experiences during March School Holiday. Currently Omni Theater is showing Space Movie titles and it's perfect combination with our Space 4D+.

We showcased our Space 4D+ in the form of Augmented and Virtual Reality experience.

The visitors can play around with our enlarged Space 4D cards, spinning different planets at solar system, controlling lunar rover as well as taking picture with planet earth.

Not only that, they could experience walking on the moon surface with our Virtual Reality headset Octagon VR Luna

Whether they are kids or adults, males or females, they had so much fun and amazed with the advanced technology of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

We had fun activities with the children at Omni Theater Observatory Classroom as well.

They do coloring using color me sheet, the parents will download Octaland 4D+ app to scan the colored picture to make it come alive, and they can make "Tell the time" activity with sun shadow

For those who want to experience Augmented and Virtual Reality experience, please come down to Science Center Main Entrance this coming weekend 19 - 20 March 2016 and let's begin our Space Adventure with Space 4D+ and complete the journey with Space Movie at Omni Theater