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What's Inside Octaland 4D Color Me Book

This item is different from the rest. It's not FLASHCARDS, it's coloring book. However, this coloring book is not your usual coloring book. Yes, It looks like typical coloring book in a glance, however when you marry it with technology, you will be amazed with your own masterpiece. What's Octaland 4D Color Me Book ? It's Augmented Reality Coloring book developed by Octagon Studio. Your masterpiece which is the picture you have colored will come alive  What's inside Octaland 4D Color Me Book ? The first page is where you can write down your name and below is the unique serial number that you need to key in after you download the apps. Then there are 26 pages of different characters...

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[Review] Enhance family bonding time with Augmented Reality Products (Octagon 4D Cards and Curiosity Wear 4D Tshirt)

When I ask my kids, which one do you prefer I give to you ? Gifts, money or time ? My kids will say spend time with me please... Family quality time is one of greatest needs that children are longing for. Nowadays with fast moving pace and technology, sometimes we forget important things that every child need Instead of leaving the technology behind, why not embrace it and make technology becomes part of our life and enhance family bonding time. Here, we have great collaboration with one of Singapore Mom Bloggers, Mabel Lee who owns Amazingly Still blog. She's an amazing stay at home mom with two adorable kids. She has bought one of our Card series, Dinosaur 4D+ before we...

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My kid who is just 3 years old have so much fun using this Octaland 4D+ Colour Me Colouring book together with the Octaland 4D+ app. Without much force, he also learns the new words. The colouring book is really good for early learners and early readers as the book encourages reading while using the app for fun and interaction. Amila, Diary of A New Mom Singapore Blogger who gave review about Dinosaur 4D Flashcards also tried Octaland 4D Color Me Book His son has so much fun to do coloring activity in the same time learning new words. For complete review about Octaland 4D color Me, please click here  

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