Unboxing Cars 4D Flashcards

No doubt cars, vehicles are favourite boy's toys and indeed like woman can't live without lipstick, boys can't live without cars.

So here's we're going to unboxing Cars 4D+ Flashcards, developed by Octagon Studio.

The size of the box and the cards are like normal playing cards thus it's very handy, light, you can put it inside your bag for "emergency situation".

What's inside the box ?

There are 1 instructions card and 26 alphabet cards with the name and picture of the vehicle as well as a glance of characteristic on each vehicle.

Behind every card there's a track that you can arrange it by yourself.

Isn't it cool ?

How does it work ?

1. Of course you need to purchase a deck of Cars 4D Flashcards from our webstore

2. Download the apps Cars4D+ for FREE from Apple store or Google playstore. It only take few seconds to download and once it's installed, you can use it offline.

3. Enter the series number from instructions card, please take note each series number only can be used up to 3 smart devices. If you have used up and want to change your devices, please contact us to reset

4. Scan the pictures under the camera on the apps

5. Voila ! you can see the images come alive complete with the sound and music

What are their features ?

You must be wondering what else they can do except scanning and watching the images come alive

1. You can drive the virtual cars.

Yes, you hear it correctly, you can drive them. Just tap the drive mode and you can choose free ride or with obstacles. Test your driving skills if you are able to control the virtual vehicles. 

2. Snap and record

You can snap the picture or have selfie with your favourite vehicles and share it to your friends in the group or social media.

3. Learn about history

For car fanatics, you must be curious when is the first ambulance built or what is the highest speed of police car.

Now, you don't need to spend so much time googling and reading from different sources. The app has compiled it for you in short and simple. Just tap on garage mode

4. Car and the tracks

This is the fun part for any ages, adult or toddler, you can arrange the track by yourself. Behind every card, there's a track which different direction so you can create your own one.

Why you should have it 

After those explanations, this is the question that everyone will ask, why I should buy it ?

1. For toddlers

If you have toddlers below 2 years old, I'm sure you don't want them to be exposed too much by smart devices. Fret not, let them having creativity by arranging the tracks as they wish and play with their favourite real car toys.

2. For preschooler kids

Normal flashcards are boring. If you can keep the preschooler for 15 minutes reading alphabet flashcards, you deserve to get the crown "Parents of the year". Why don't teach them with something fun ? Kids love visualisation and using cars 4D Flashcards they use their sensory -  eyes, ears, hands.

It's easy to remember too, A for ambulance, T for Taxi, D for Dump Truck.

What's next ? you can play guessing games with them too.

3. For older kids

For those who have passed the alphabet examination, able to read, here's the next challenge, reading the history and characteristic of each vehicle. Ask them question do you know which year first ambulance was founded ?

4. For family bonding

This is the most fun part, with one deck of cards, one app for family fun. You can have bonding time together. If you have more than kids, this will be your life jacket.

Let them playing racing car competition either using virtual and/or real car toys.

Let the father become the referee and the mother become the cheerleader.

Or, you can play guessing games using alphabet, or history of the vehicles.

5. Emergency situation

Last but not least, what I mean is when the house is in chaos, your kids are restless and what you need is just 30 minutes to sip the tea and watch your favourite magazine. This could be your rescue.

Let the kids play for a while, exploring and learning something from Cars 4D+ while you could recharge your energy back.

Could you find other toys that have lots of comprehensive benefits like this ?

Grab it now at our webstore here 

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