What's Inside Octaland 4D Color Me Book

This item is different from the rest. It's not FLASHCARDS, it's coloring book.

However, this coloring book is not your usual coloring book.

Yes, It looks like typical coloring book in a glance, however when you marry it with technology, you will be amazed with your own masterpiece.

What's Octaland 4D Color Me Book ?

It's Augmented Reality Coloring book developed by Octagon Studio.

Your masterpiece which is the picture you have colored will come alive 

What's inside Octaland 4D Color Me Book ?

The first page is where you can write down your name and below is the unique serial number that you need to key in after you download the apps.

Then there are 26 pages of different characters from A - Z, including with the explanation of each character

How does it work ?

  1. Get the coloring book from us
  2. Download OCTALAND4D+ app from Appstore or Googleplaystore
  3. Enter the unique serial number from the book
  4. Color any characters you like
  5. Scan the picture under the camera in the app
  6. Voila ! Let's the magic begin

Why you should get it ?

1. Spark the creativity for any ages

For young kids, this is the platform that they can learn about colors, mix and match. And for adults or seniors, it's a platform to release your boredom and stress and get your creativity going.

2. Fun, Fun and Fun

You can mix and match the colour and see how it turns out from screen devices, not only that the characters will come alive and do actions as what they are supposed to do. Watch the magician do his trick !

3. Learning through playing

With the characters that have been arranged alphabetically, the children will be able to learn the basic alphabet faster and they can learn about different occupations or perhaps one of these occupations inspires them to be their dream job in the future. Who knows right ?

For this current promotion, the good news is you can get this coloring book for FREE with any purchase of 4D flashcards. Isn't it awesome ?

So what are you waiting for ? Choose any 4D Flashcards you like either Octaland 4D, Cars 4D, Space 4D or Humanoid 4D Cards and this book will be yours forever !