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Blake and Nakayla sat side by side and spent a good amount of time on their tablets, sharing the deck of 20 cards. They laughed and called out to us several times, telling us what they have just discovered.

Mabel Lee, Amazingly still Singapore Mom blogger
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My kid who is just 3 years old have so much fun using this Octaland 4D+ Colour Me Colouring book together with the Octaland 4D+ app. Without much force, he also learns the new words. The colouring book is really good for early learners and early readers as the book encourages reading while using the app for fun and interaction.

Amila, Diary of A New Mom blogger

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"  I’m pleased with my purchase with the Octagon VR Luna, minus the small problems I had it’s worth the price, The Luna works with all phones which support Google Cardboard, so if you don’t want to purchase an uncomfortable cardboard headset, and think you’d prefer a cheap headset that doesn’t break and you’d be willing to spend a little more, I recommend it."

Jomas McCormick, VR Related Blog

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"Augmented Reality is new trend enhancing learning process. Yasmin and I enjoying the live show. You really have to see it to fully experience the beauty of the absolutely breathtaking graphics and the realistic sounds of these animals as they come alive on your screen device"

Danessa Foo, Prayerfull Mum, Singapore Mom Blogger

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" That’s freaking amazing!! I think I was more amazed than the kids. That astronaut was bouncing around and waving to the kids! "

Lin Ying, BumbleBee Mum Blogger, Singapore Mom Blogger

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When the boys got bored of looking at the 2D animals, I took out my smartphone and asked Big J to hold the phone over the cards. The animals come alive instantly! The boys were super excited to see this. They were vying whose turn it is to hold the phone. When they saw the animals moving, they got more elated! We can also hear the sound that the animals make. We observed and discussed how the animals move and the sounds they make."

Jolin, The Js Arena Blogger, Singapore Mom Blogger 

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" I absolutely love these animal flashcards and interactive food cards. Not only they are highly interactive, they are educational and fun for all ages "

Jackie Bryla, Founder of Apps, Consulting and Training, a speech language pathology assistant in California

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"The occupation 4D cards is very interesting to play with. My 34 months old boy loves to play with it, he can learn about the occupation while seeing the occupant moves in the ipad doing their job. It has my name on one of them and my son can read my name because of it. It's very educative flashcard and application "

Jenny, mom of one preschooler

 " The whole family enjoy playing with Octaland's Flashcard. They're great bonding tool. The kids love them since the pictures come to live. These products stimulate multi senses, which I think it's important. Since learning will be more effective when it's multi sensory "

 Endina, mom of two (primary school and preschooler) and preschool teacher

 " My 3 years old daughter likes it so much. The animals seems alive and have sounds too. She's so excited and keep on asking me to play it again and again. Thanks for recommending me this 4D flashcards "

 Merinda Tan, mom of two (toddler and baby)

 " We were in Bali when I introduced my son to the 4D cards. The resort was in a secluded village with no TV, and we couldn't play at the beach. But thank God I brought the cards with me, the cards kept him entertained for hours..He was very excited and kept asking for the cards thereafter "

Lisa Dp, mom of one pre-schooler

 " Fun interactive educational flashcards for young ones. My boys and nephew love it "

Santi Chew, mom of twin pre-schoolers

 " It's pretty fun and the graphics are good. The kids are very excited to watch the animals come alive. It will be additional bonus if we can change the size of the animals in the apps"

Li Hoey, preschool teacher Music and Movement

 " So much fun to play with, my daughter is so thrilled looking at animal moves & jumps, will recommend my friends to buy and makes a great birthday present too "

Ira Gracia, mom of 4 years old daughter